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At the FabCafe in Shibuya some years ago, I picked up a sticker: MORE THAN [FUJIYAMA, SUSHI, SAMURAI, GEISHA] PROJECT. (It is actually a project from 2014-2016 to promote products from Japanese artisanal companies by Loftwork). Having lived so long abroad, I understand why this sticker / this project exists. Especially in the last few years,... Continue Reading →

I my me mine

  "Is it me, me..." these words uttered by my colleague stung. Yes, I think I can be quite self-absorbed, perhaps as a result of receiving a lot of attention in my infancy as a first born child and a first born grandchild on both sides of my family. I'd like to think that I... Continue Reading →


Meetings after meetings, they seem to last forever. No agenda, no duration announced in advance. This prompted me to circulate a book on how to pitch one's idea in 1 minute - I also need to learn how to do this too, especially in Japanese. So I leave some 2 hours in between my appointments.... Continue Reading →

Getting or Not Getting the House

Why do I feel so guilty about nostalgically wanting a bigger Japanese house built in the 70s? As if to receive guests from abroad, or not wanting to be boxed into a tiny room is a crime. It comes from the real estate agents’ comments, but also, a New Yorker’s first comments on seeing the... Continue Reading →

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