Emergency Care

Having lived in the US, where medical care is not a given civil right, and in Switzerland, where I had to pay for medical insurance to be chosen from a dizzying array of options that had to be reviewed every end of November, I now live in a seemingly more forgiving country, which provides universal... Continue Reading →

Study Guides

At the FabCafe in Shibuya some years ago, I picked up a sticker: MORE THAN [FUJIYAMA, SUSHI, SAMURAI, GEISHA] PROJECT. (It is actually a project from 2014-2016 to promote products from Japanese artisanal companies by Loftwork). Having lived so long abroad, I understand why this sticker / this project exists. Especially in the last few years,... Continue Reading →

I my me mine

  "Is it me, me..." these words uttered by my colleague stung. Yes, I think I can be quite self-absorbed, perhaps as a result of receiving a lot of attention in my infancy as a first born child and a first born grandchild on both sides of my family. I'd like to think that I... Continue Reading →

The First Week.2

(continued) The typhoon had diverted paths, and by near midnight, the crickets had joined a familiar soundscape in the evening, audible above winds or rain. By morning, trains were running as usual, and so, my first week started, on time. On time means, surviving the rush hour train and bus (2 trains, 1 bus to... Continue Reading →

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